Rapid Peptide Separation by Supercritical Fluid Chromatography

D.J. Tognarelli†, Atsushi Tsukamoto†, Jeff Caldwell* and Walt Caldwell* †Jasco, Inc. Easton, Maryland 21601 and *Princeton Chromatography, Cranbury, New Jersey 08512


Supercritical fluid chromatography is continually gaining attention in the separation sciences as demands increase for higher throughput isolations and purifications. The higher flow rates associated with SFC provide a significant decrease in analysis time and increase in sample throughput efficiency. Peptides are of particular interest for SFC due in part to the rather extensive analysis time required by HPLC. This work explored a wider range of peptides not only for detection, but separation using SFC. A separation of five peptides ranging in molecular weights from 238.2 to 1046.2 was achieved by SFC in less than 12 minutes compared to 50 minutes using HPLC.