µDISS Profiler Small Volume Dissolution and Solubility Apparatus from Pion Inc.

µDISS Profiler Small Volume Dissolution and Solubility Apparatus from Pion Inc.


Versatile in situ UV measurements for evaluation of various effects on solubility, dissolution, supersaturation and precipitation profiles.

The µDISS Profile™ is a versatile instrument for measuring concentration in real time with fiber optic UV spectroscopy. Eight dip probes are located inside temperature and stirring controlled sample vessels containing between 1-20 mL dissolution media. R&D chemists can investigate dissolution/precipitation behavior, preformulations and quickly rank compound performance.

The µDISS Profile™ also has the option of using the Mini-IDR™ compression system to compress a small amount of sample for scale-up studies. The stirrer/die assembly is placed in a 25 mL glass vial ready for analysis via the µDISS Profiler™.


  • Near zero operating cost
  • Run 8 parallel experiments
  • Acquire data for all 8 channels in 1 second
  • Use 1000 times less material
  • Sample volume as low as 1mL
  • Immediately collect the entire UV-Vis region from 200nm-720nm
  • Achieve higher levels of confidence in your results
  • Customize your science research on a small scale
  • Exact measurement at the exact time of data collection
  • Get access to global support from world recognized dissolution experts


  • Tablet Dissolution
  • Powder Dissolution
  • Intrinsic Dissolution Rate (IDR)
  • Solubility Determination
  • Nanoparticle Dissolution
  • Non-Aqueous Solubility
  • Excipient Screening
  • Salt Selection
  • Simulated Intestinal/Gastric Fluid
  • Concentration Monitoring
  • Stability Monitoring


  • Detailed Specifications
  • ItemµDISS Profiler Small Volume Dissolution and Solubility Apparatus
  • CompanyPion Inc.
  • PriceGet quote
  • Dosage FormPowders, Suspensions, Liquids
  • Measuring Range200 to 720 nm
  • Pharmaceutical ApplicationDrug Development, Preformulation, Formulation
  • QuantityEA
  • Speed8 Channel Parallel
  • Temperature RangeAmbient to 40c°
  • TypeMiniaturized in-situ Concentration Measurements
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