Pharmaburst® 500 ODT from SPI Pharma


Pharmaburst 500 is a fully optimized, directly compressible technology for orally disintegrating tablets with a fast disintegration time, excellent mouthfeel and low cost manufacturing. Used in over 60 marketed products globally, it is the gold standard ODT platform.

  • Product Specs
  • ItemPharmaburst® 500 ODT
  • CompanySPI Pharma
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  • Catalog NumberPharmaburst
  • QuantityEA
  • Dosage FormOrally Disintegrating Tablet
  • FunctionalityCo-processed
  • Pharmaceutical ApplicationUsed on standard tableting equipment to formulate tablets with up to 500mg API.
  • Pharmacopeial ComplianceOther
  • Particle Size110 to 115 µm
    Ranges based on a typical d(0.5) basis
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