Nano DSC Complete Autosampler System v2 from Ta Instruments


The Nano DSC utilizes capillary cells to achieve highest sensitivity and maximum sample flexibility.

  • Innovative capillary design attenuates the onset of sample aggregation until after unfolding is complete.
  • Solid-state thermoelectric elements deliver accurate and precise temperature control of the sample.
  • Reliable autosampler for increased productivity and true “walk-away” automation

  • Product Specs
  • ItemNano DSC Complete Autosampler System v2
  • CompanyTa Instruments
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  • Catalog Number602370.901
  • Temperature Range−10 °C to 130 °C
  • QuantityEA
  • ApplicationLyophylization Development, Formulation Development, Biomolecular Structure/Thermal Stability
  • Scanning Speed0.001 °C to 2 °C/min
  • MethodActive Cell Volume: 300 µL / 330 µL
  • Sample Volume500 µL / 450 µL
  • Measurement Mode(s)Key measurements:
    • Product loss
    • Product stability