Flow Aid Excipients

Although granules are naturally freer flowing than powdered material, their flow properties can be improved by coating them with certain materials added in the form of fine powder. These materials are often collectively known as lubricants. In fact, a lubricants is normally added for a variety of reasons.

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Precirol® ATO 5: Glyceryl distearate NF / Glyceryl palmitostearate
Carrier, Compaction, Extended Drug Release, Flow Aid, Lubricant, Multifunctional, Sustained Release , Tablet Compressibility, Tablet Ejection, Taste Masking, Modified ReleaseCapsule Filling, Compaction, Direct Compression, Dry Granulation, Extrusion, Granulation, Melt Coating, Melt Congealing, Melt Spraying, Roller Compaction, Spheronization, Wet Granulation, Spray Congealing, Solid Lipid Nanoparticles, Nano Lipid Carrier
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