Teledyne Acquires Hanson Research Corporation

Teledyne Technologies Incorporated announced that Teledyne Instruments, Inc. has acquired Hanson Research Corporation (“Hanson Research”). Hanson Research, headquartered in Chatsworth, California, specializes in analytical instrumentation for the pharmaceutical industry. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Founded by William A. (“Bill”) Hanson in 1951, Hanson Research pioneered the development of dissolution testing instruments. Dissolution testing determines the release rate of an active pharmaceutical ingredient in tablet or capsule form as it dissolves into solution. Hanson Research also provides diffusion testing instrumentation used to analyze the release rate of a pharmaceutical as it permeates through a skin-like membrane. Finally, Hanson Research’s newer physical test instruments examine properties such as tablet disintegration and powder flowability.

“Hanson Research’s line of dissolution and diffusion instruments complement Teledyne’s portfolio of laboratory instrumentation businesses, including Teledyne CETAC’s automation systems, Teledyne Tekmar’s sample preparation instruments, and Teledyne Isco’s chromatography products,” said Robert Mehrabian, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Teledyne. “Furthermore, Hanson Research will strengthen Teledyne’s relationships with global life sciences and pharmaceutical companies.”

“I am proud to see Hanson Research combined with Teledyne. Our companies, both headquartered in Southern California, share the same commitment to quality,” said Royal Hanson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Hanson Research. “I am delighted to see Hanson continue its name and operations, while offering employees additional opportunities across Teledyne.”

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