Primex, Nordic Group Sign Partnership to Commercialize OZALIN® in France

Nordic Group and Primex Pharmaceuticals AG have announced a strategic agreement today to launch OZALIN® in France.

OZALIN®, has been approved in several markets in the EU including France, to improve the palatability and acceptability for children.

"The partnership with Nordic Group represents an important achievement for Primex Pharmaceuticals and underscores our commitment to making OZALIN® available across all EU member states," said Alan Knox, Primex's Group CEO. "We are confident that Nordic Group with their experience in the hospital sector, will further support their portfolio in Anaesthesia in France."

"Nordic Pharma is delighted to have the opportunity to commercialize OZALIN®, a product initially developed at Amiens hospital in France, and that will make a fundamental difference to children and their acceptability toward treatment," Vincent Leonhardt, Managing Director of Nordic Pharma in France said.

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