Just Biotherapeutics, Teva Enter Agreement for Design, Development of HP Biomanufacturing Process

Just Biotherapeutics announced they have entered into an agreement with Teva for the design and development of a high productivity (HP) biomanufacturing process.

With the goal of significantly lowering the cost of manufacturing, Just will use its extensive knowledge and technological expertise on the design and development of a high yielding manufacturing process for one of Teva’s more complex products in development. Both companies firmly believe that innovation in both biologics development and manufacturing can play a role in increasing patient access.

“Just’s deep expertise in engineering and manufacturing of biotherapeutics combined with their unique technology platform will enable Teva to work toward developing processes that will help achieve greater efficiencies and improved outputs. We value our partnership with Just in that it will help accelerate our ability to advance our Teva mission of improving the lives of patients,” said Steffen Nock, Senior Vice President of Teva Specialty R&D.

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“We are delighted to leverage our deep experience to assist Teva in their biologics efforts,” said Dr. James Thomas, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Just. “Working with a multinational company, like Teva, will create greater access to biologics through the technological innovation that Just will deliver.”

The collaboration will be enabled by a cross-functional team based at Just's facility in Seattle, WA working together with Teva’s Specialty R&D team based in West Chester, PA.

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