Hovione offers customized services and innovative solutions from drug substance to drug product, with all activities performed at the same site, providing a fully integrated service for clinical and small commercial scale complex drug product development and manufacturing. As the Leader in Commercial Spray Drying, Hovione can handle projects from development to market. Our particle engineering technologies can address challenges in solubility enhancement, lung delivery, modified release and tastemasking applications and can handle highly potent compounds. Hovione also offers integrated inhalation development services. We do well what is difficult, to give our customers what they cannot find elsewhere.

Company Background


Hovione has almost 60 years of experience as a Specialist Integrated CDMO offering from drug substance to drug product intermediate to drug product. With four FDA inspected sites in the US, Macau, Ireland, and Portugal, and development laboratories in Lisbon and New Jersey, Hovione provides branded pharmaceutical customers services for the development and compliant manufacture of innovative drugs and is able to support highly potent compounds.

For generic pharmaceutical customers the company offers niche off-patent API products. In the inhalation area Hovione is the only independent company offering a complete range of services.

Markets Served

Hovione serves all the highly regulated pharmaceutical markets, mainly USA, Europe and Japan.

Products, Services & Capabilities

Hovione offers a broad range of services and products to the pharmaceutical industry namely Contract Manufacturing Services, Off-patent API products, Proprietary Product Licensing and Supporting Capabilities. Hovione’s aim is to meet customer needs across products and services that require the very highest standards of manufacturing quality and technical performance such as Drug Substance, Particle Engineering and Drug Product; Hovione’s APIs offer impeccable chemical purity and unique product performance. We offer API Portfolio Exclusive partnerships, High value applications and Performance API for inhalation; Hovione leverages its knowledge and technologies in chemistry, particle engineering, formulation, and inhalation to build a portfolio of proprietary products available for licensing. We also offer Supporting Capabilities such as Analytical Support, Continuity of Supply and Quality and Compliance.

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